Fortnite command: How to give a hired Specialist a command

Issuing a Fortnite Command to a Specialist
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Knowing how to give a hired Specialist a command in Fortnite can really give you a competitive edge in the battle royale, as this turns your recruited assistant from a basic follower into an asset you can tactically deploy. With a Fortnite command you can direct your hired Specialist to provide overwatch from a high vantage point, or stay and protect a particular area while you move on, providing much more flexibility than simply following you around. For one of the Spring Breakout Fortnite quests you need to issue this instruction, leading to renewed interest in the process, so if you want to know how to give a hired Specialist Character a command in Fortnite then we've got you covered.

How to hire a Specialist in Fortnite

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Eight of the current Fortnite characters are designated as Specialists, and we've marked their locations on the map above. As you get close to one, you'll see an icon appear on both your minimap and projected on screen to help you pinpoint the Specialist's location. When you approach them you can interact and follow the Hire prompt, to spend 250 bars and recruit them to fight alongside you. Note that if another player has already hired or eliminated the Specialist, you'll need to look elsewhere for another one.

How to give a hired Specialist a command in Fortnite

Explanation of the different Fortnite Commands available

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To give a hired Specialist a command in Fortnite, you simply need to hold left on the d-pad to bring up the Follower Comms wheel. With that open, you can then select one of the four options as highlighted in the screen above:

  • Wait - Specialist will stay in their current position
  • Move - Specialist will immediately run to the targeted position
  • Follow - Specialist will follow you (default behaviour)
  • Revive - Specialist will revive a downed teammate (where available)

Pick any of those for the first time, and you'll complete the 'Give a hired Specialist Character a command' quest. Of that selection, Move is usually the most useful Fortnite command to give, as you can use it to send your Specialist to scout ahead – opponents they encounter are likely to open fire if they spot them, revealing their position and distracting them while you move in for a sneak attack to catch them unawares.

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