Fortnite Celebration Cup is a PS4-exclusive championship with big cash prizes

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The Fortnite Celebration Cup is coming, giving PlayStation 4 players a shot at new in-game items and - if they're skilled enough - a chance to claim their own chunk of a $1 million prize pool.

The Fortnite Celebration Cup will be held on February 15 and February 16 and, you read that right, this particular competition is only for the PlayStation players. Even if we live in a new golden age of cross-play, Sony's platform can still flex a little bit with some exclusive competitions and prizes.

During the first day of competition, all in-game prizes will be up for grabs. Here's what you can win for placing well enough:

Top 50% - “Take Cover” Spray

Top 25% - “Wild Accent” Pickaxe

Top 5% - “Tango” Outfit

It gets serious on Day 2 when the cash prizes go up for grabs. According to the official rules, the top-ranked player in the North America East region will earn $2,500 apiece, while the number one contender in the NA West region will get $1,200. The top-ranked European player will get $3,000 USD. Even if you aren't holding out much hope for taking home the gold, you could still win a nice pile of cash: the lowest payout for ranking in each region is $200, though where you'll need to rank to grab the money depends on where you're playing.

The entire Fortnite Celebration Cup will be played out in Solos mode. You must be at least 13 years old to participate, or older if required by your region, and your Fortnite account must be at least level 15 with 2-Factor Authentication enabled. You have just under two weeks to practice, so make sure you get some Solos playtime in before the Celebration Cup begins.

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