Epic's Fortnite is finally headed to beta this fall

Fortnite will finally get a public beta this fall, a little less than four years after it was first revealed to the world. Epic Games made the announcement at Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco today, where it also not-coincidentally confirmed that Fortnite will run on both Mac and PC.

Fortnite sets a player-controlled team of survivalists loose in randomly generated stages, where they're free to scavenge materials from the environment and build up their own fortifications. Many missions will require the team to defend one specific point against waves of undead-ish enemies, using a combination of clever base construction, trap placement, and desperate third-person shooting when your best-laid plans inevitably go awry.

You can get a feel for the general flow of a match (and enjoy some super-peppy electronic fighting music) in the new gameplay trailer below. Epic's expressed some interest in bringing Fortnite to consoles once it's up and running on PC, though I wouldn't expect to hear anything about potential ports for a while yet.

Connor Sheridan

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