Fortnite: A Wildlife Documentary is the David Attenborough inspired Battle Royale replay you need to watch right now

A few weeks ago, Epic Games released Replay Mode, a video editing tool for Fortnite, and it's already churned up a host of great short films from the 45 million strong player base, from spiffy slo-mo action shots to a heartwarming love story about a woman and a fish man

But the best creation I've seen so far is undoubtedly this recently released gem from Fortnite Battle Royale streamer Teo. After his friend Floppy died during a Duos match on Twitch, Teo was subjected to a running commentary from the now deceased partner, all in the style of a rather good David Attenborough impression. 

It was funny at the time, but the pair used Replay Mode to turn the footage into a satirical nature documentary, and it's almost as good as any episode of Planet Earth out there. Take a look for yourself below, and try not to laugh at the bit with the mating dance.  

I don't know about you, but I'd commission a ten part series of Fortnite: A Wildlife Documentary, with Floppy narrating the entire thing, if I could. Attenborough's got some real competition on his hands, that's for sure. 

This faux doc took place a handful of days before the meteor hit the map as part of Fortnite Season 4's launch, so you won't find "The Teo", as the narrator refers to the subject, guzzling down any glowing rocks for speed boosts, but hopefully this is something that the duo will continue to create with future matches, given how popular the video has become. 

I'm all for more lines like "The Teo finds satisfaction in murdering species of his own kind", after all. 

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Alex Avard

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