Formula One shots pit in

PlayStation 3's Formula One 06 doesn't so much emphasize realism - it's obsessedwith it. And not just visually, either. This set of new images looks amazing, but it's the gameplay touches that invoke the real Formula One atmosphere, from the fully licensed teams and tracks to the newly introduced rules for the 2006 season. There will even be a "parade" lap at the start of each race to warm up your tires, just like real-world F1 meetings.

Formula One is not yet scheduled for release in the US and, chances are, you don't know much about NASCAR's European cousin. Still, theimages should turn on any type of racing fan, and we can only hope Sony will introduce us to the sport soon.

Above: The damage system has been given the full next-gen treatment, so expect to see your car crumple dramatically in collisions.

September 22, 2006