Football Manager 2007 on its way

Thursday 8 June 2006
Sega has announced that Football Manager 2007 will be released for PC and Xbox 360 this Christmas and has revealed some of the new features that the update will incorporate.

Developer Sports Interactive has been listening to feedback from its sizeable fan-base to make sure the 2007 edition is its best game yet. In particular the developer has been tweaking the Xbox 360 control system to make it as pad-friendly as possible.

Other new features and improvements include:

Feeder clubs
You can choose to be the small club that feeds or the large club that's fed and benefit from the relationship by loaning out youngsters, arranging lucrative friendlies and getting first options on transfers.

Full youth squads
If your chosen team has one in real life it will be in the game.

More user friendly
There's an improved tutorial, with more hints and tips. Also, there will be better feedback from scouts and coaches.

More scouting information
The scouting system has been revamped giving you access to more information on potential targets. Also, the scouts themselves will develop and improve.

Speak to player through the media
Managers can interact with any player in the world through the media, whether it's to out-psyche them or to tap them up, or to motivate their own players through the media.

Team talks
You will now be able to deliver pre-match team talks as well as half-time and full time talks.

Finally, the PSP version, Football Manager Handheld, will also be out this year with more playable leagues, extra features and network play so you can pitch your teams against your mates'.