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First Witcher 3 gameplay shows free roaming, sexy mermaids

CD Projekt has shown first footage of The Witcher 3 (opens in new tab) at the Microsoft's press conference. The game, which is coming to Xbox One (opens in new tab) and PlayStation 4 (opens in new tab), has exclusive features for Kinect and Smartglass. Players will be able to use Kinect voice command to control Geralt's spells and Smartglass for inventory management.

According to the developers, there is in excess of 100 hours of content, made up of unique quests and activities. Better make it last, though, as this will be the final part of the Witcher trilogy.

The footage showed off beautiful landscapes--all of which can be free-roamed--and gave us a taste of what to expect from gameplay. We see series hero Geralt--who looks younger than ever--taking down wolves and a massive stag-style boss. The game will also let you travel the seas, where you'll meet sexy mermaids. No doubt Geralt will be able to have his way with them, as the Witcher never shies away from sex scenes and adult relationships.

Looks great. Here's your first trailer.