First Wasteland 2 gameplay video

inXile has released the first early gameplay footage of Wasteland 2, the sequel to the 1988 RPG classic which is credited as the spiritual predecessor to the Fallout series.

Pledges for the Kickstarter funded game eventually topped $3 million, enabling inXile founder Brian Fargo to enlist Chris Avellone, chief creative officer of Fallout: New Vegas studio Obsidian, to collaborate on the project, which has an anticipated release date of October 2013 on PC and Mac.

According to the latest Kickstarter update on the title, development is “just past the halfway mark”, so the gameplay footage is missing “many elements” you can expect to see in the finished product. It offers a straight video capture of development director Chris Keenan playing the game, with the objective being to show off some of the HUD and how the combat and skill systems work.