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First video of Mass Effect 2 hovercraft surfaces

BioWare recently revealed that new Mass Effect 2 DLC, including the Hammerhead hovercraft and 5 new vehicle-specific missions, is due to arrive at the end of this month. Dubbed the Firewalker Pack, the content will be free to Cerberus Network members. GameTrailers has just released the first footage of the Hammerhead in action (skip ahead to 15:30).

Don’t get us wrong, we liked the Mako in the first game (more than most people did, probably.) But compared to this new lightning-fast hovercraft, the Mako looks like a busted old Hyundai with missing hubcaps. We’re meeting with BioWare later this week at GDC, so expect to hear a whole lot more about the Hammerhead and its custom-tailored missions once we’ve taken it for a spin ourselves.

Mar 8, 2010