First PS3 BioShock details emerge

Xbox 360's phenomenal first-person adventure BioShock is heading for PS3 this winter and the first details have emerged in US gaming mag EGM(and inevitably in scans on various European game sites). The least surprising news is that all of the downloadable content from the Xbox 360 game will be included on the disc, making this a very complete package. Other points of note from the EGM coverage include:

- Widescreen mode has been fixed to avoid the cut-off that irritated some eagle-eyed gamers in the Xbox 360 version.

- There will be the option to switch off the Vita Chambers that made the original game much too easy, acting as consequence-free restart points whenever you died. This option was of course added to the 360 version later as part of a DLC package, but PS3 owners will have it straight out of the box.

- The graphics are said to already be identical on the PS3 hardware, although the development team has not ruled out some PS3-specific enhancements. The game already looks breathtaking, so it will interesting to see what (if anything) can be significantly improved.

- But perhaps the most exciting titbit of information is that there will be 'a bonus' for the PS3 game, although the team won't say what it is.There is a mention of talks with Sony in the article, so perhaps we could see Home integration?

For the fullUK exclusivestory of PS3 BioShock(andmaybe details on that 'bonus' feature)plus brand new screens not featured here - be sure to pick up a copy ofPSM3which hits news stands this Thursday 5 June.