First-person Fight Night on PS3

Fight Night Round 3 has been announced for PS3, which has left us reeling like a mind-sick fighter on the end of a 30th round uppercut, as it's not even two years since the game was originally unveiled to tout PlayStation 3's next-generation visual clout. But, fortunately, there's also some new features added to the Sony-bound version, which at least makes publisher Electronic Arts' message newsworthy.
Most interesting is the "Get in the Ring" mode, which expands on 360's occasional bout of first-person punchery - a momentary bonus that handed you the advantage of better knuckle-laying accuracy - and lets you fight through the whole game from a boxer's-eye view. Or, as EA so eloquently puts it, Get in the Ring "allows players to live the game through their own eyes."

Set to launch in the winter (so anytime between late November and early March) Fight Night Round 3 on PS3 will be further beefed out with EA's new ESPN integration features, giving you live updates, radio streams and news tickers while you browse the game's menu screens.

September 1, 2006