First look - Bloodshot Unleashed #1 action figure variants

Bloodshot Unleashed #1
(Image credit: Valiant Entertainment)

We're just about halfway through the year 2022 which means we're also just about halfway through the 'The Year of Valiant,' the editorial-marketing initiative by comic book publisher Valiant Entertainment. 

As part of the drive, one of its core characters Bloodshot will return in September in the form of Bloodshot Unleashed, Valiant's first mature readers series.

Bloodshot Unleashed is written by Deniz Camp and illustrated by Jon Davis-Hunt. In the new series the nanite-powered supersoldier journeys across the United States to stop "twisted and lethal" living weapons that break out of a top-secret facility from unleashing "bloodshed and devastation on the neglected small towns and forgotten corners of the country," battling his own demons along the way.

The debut issue will feature eight covers, including covers by artists on Davis-Hunt, Nicole Rifkin, Pete Woods, and Gerardo Zaffino. Here's a look at those illustrated covers:

Bloodshot Unleashed #1 will also feature four variant covers that pay homage to past Bloodshot covers featuring the new FigZero S 1/12 Bloodshot action figure with designer-manufacturer threezero. Newsarama readers get a first look at those covers below. 

In case you don't know what "FigZero S 1/12" means, the action figure (which is available for preorder) stands at 6" (~15.2cm) tall with - according to Valiant - "a highly-detailed sculpt and fully-articulated body with 39 points of articulation. Accessories include fabric black t-shirt and harness, one katana with scabbard, one semi-Automatic rifle, one submachine gun, one pistol, and four pairs of interchangeable hands."

The mature readers Bloodshot Unleashed #1 goes on sale September 22.

The Valiant Universe ranks #3 on Newsarama's list of the best non-DC and Marvel superhero universes of all time.

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