First images for PS3-exclusive The Last of Us reveal slight plot details, sort of, maybe

The mysterious The Last of Us might be the most anticipated reveal of the Spike TV VGAs, mostly due to its mysterious pre-reveal campaign. So far all we know is that it'll be a PlayStation 3 exclusive, and, beyond that, we've seen a trickle of random, seemingly unrelated videos of ants and stuff. Now, the developers (whoever they are) have begun slowly unveiling screenshots leading up to Saturday's trailer, starting with two that actually give some insight into the plot... we think.

The first looks like an in-game shot, though it couldn't tell us any less. Actually, that's not fair. Technically we know that it takes place on a planet that has plantlife and at least one sun. The second image, though, plays into some of the earlier rumors about the game.

Now that's what we're talking about. We have the president. We have "45 million feared dead or infected." We have England declaring Martial Law. We have quarantines in New Mexico. We don't know about you, but that certainly sounds like some sort of virus to us. Now, whether or not that virus flat-out kills people or turns them into undead, shambling zombies (as videogame viruses are known to do) is unknown, though we don't imagine a developer would want to make a game where we go around killing sick people unless they're sick and violent. Otherwise that would just be weird.

Our interest? Consider it good and piqued. We'll have more about this game soon! In the meantime you can look around the game's website and see if you can find anything that we missed.

Hollander Cooper

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