Fire Emblem: Three Houses final expansion pass DLC adds a secret fourth house

The fourth wave of Fire Emblem: Three Houses DLC is where things get weird. It turns out that there's been a secret fourth house living in secret subterranean passages beneath Garreg Mach monastery this whole time, and Expansion Pass owners will be able to meet, befriend, and eventually recruit them starting on February 12 with the new Cindered Shadows side story.

The new house is called Ashen Wolves, and only four students make up its ranks: Balthus, Constance, Yuri, and Hapi (who doesn't seem very happy). As you might imagine, these mysterious underground refugees don't have the happiest backstories or outlooks on life. Though they consider themselves a house of their own, you'll be able to bring all four into your faction of choice for the main story. Assuming you can convince them to join you in the surface world, I mean.

On top of exploring the new underground area called Abyss - where the Ashen Wolves and other forgotten cast-offs reside - you can also play through new quests, paralogues, and activities. The expansion includes news classes for your beloved student soldiers as well.

Here's the official synopsis from Nintendo:

"Deep in the shadow of Garreg Mach lies Abyss, the underground den of Fódlan’s outcasts and home to the monastery’s secret fourth house, the Ashen Wolves. In this side story, you can freely explore Abyss, battle alongside four students from the Ashen Wolves house, take on new quests, and uncover the secrets that reside beneath the surface. Progress through the story to bring your four new subterranean students to the main story as recruitable units and enjoy the new classes, quests, paralogues, and activities that are also added with this DLC. – Part of Fire Emblem: There Houses Expansion Pass. DLC wave 4 will be available on February 12th 2020 in the US."

Wave 4 will complete the Fire Emblem: Three Houses Expansion Pass when it arrives in February. If it's anything like the last few Fire Emblem games, Three Houses will continue to receive smaller updates and DLC for quite a while after that.

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