Fire Emblem Engage gameplay details are leaking online

Fire Emblem Engage
(Image credit: Nintendo)

Fire Emblem Engage gameplay has leaked online, leading to spoilers circulating.

Over the past weekend, the Fire Emblem-dedicated subreddit (opens in new tab) picked up on gameplay snippets doing the rounds on various internet forums and social media sites. The gameplay, as well as posts detailing gameplay, outlined the early hours of Fire Emblem Engage, extending even to the middle chapters of the big new strategy game.

Suffice it to say there won't be any spoilers for the new Nintendo game here, but they are now circulating online. The likes of unannounced characters are now out there in the wild, as well as screenshots that depict battlefields in certain chapters, and dialog options with characters, all readily available to read on forums like Reddit and ResetEra. 

Engage's character roster is a particularly hot topic because the new title brings back stars from the series' past to play alongside new original heroes. You can head over to our Fire Emblem Engage characters guide for a complete recap of all the previously-revealed heroes so far, including mainstays like Celica, and more modern characters like Three Houses' Byleth.

There's thankfully not long to wait until Fire Emblem Engage is finally here, as it's launching just later this week on Friday, January 20. We've spent several hours with the new game so far, which you can read all about in our Fire Emblem Engage preview, where we cover how the summoning mechanic for the series' past stars actually works, strategic battle changes, and much more.

Check out our new games 2023 guide for a full look over all the other Nintendo titles slated to launch this year. 

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