Final Fantasy XIII-2: Latest trailer puts spotlight on the Moogle

The latest Final Fantasy XIII-2 trailer reminds us that no matter how much Final Fantasy changes, some things will always remain the same: battling superpowered bad'uns will always eat up the Phoenix Downs, lunkheads will always make jokes about how many “Final” Fantasies there've been, and there'll always be Moogles popping up to lend a hand. This isn't a trailer about bosses or dolts though – it's all Moogles, all the time.

With FFXIII-2 releasing at month's end in North America, there's not long to wait now until you can measure the game up against its predecessor – which Square Enix assures us will be “exceeded in every respect” by the sequel. We jumped the gun with a preview session on the Japanese version of the title back in December, which you can peruse until our full review later in the month.