Final Fantasy fans demand Crisis Core Reunion keeps Sephiroth's shampoo lore

Final Fantasy 7 Crisis Core Reunion
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After the announcement of Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 - Reunion during yesterday's anniversary stream, fans are adamant that all the weird stuff from the original game remains in the remaster.

For example: Throughout the original Crisis Core, protagonist Zack Fair will receive emails that you can read. A side story lets you join a group called the Silver Elite - a fancy name for what's actually just an in-universe Sephiroth fan club. The group will periodically send you trivia about Sephiroth - including his hair care routine.

Sephiroth apparently uses a whole bottle of shampoo and a whole bottle of conditioner every time he washes his hair. (GamesRadar+ Features Editor Josh West notes that "if Sephiroth uses all-in-one then he deserves everything Cloud does to him.") He follows up with thirteen different kinds of perfume, with scents including rose and vanilla.

I assure you, this is all actual canon. Fans are rediscovering it thanks to a tweet from aitaikimochi with a screenshot of the original letter.

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Across the fandom, fans are sharing their favorite clips of the goofiest parts of Crisis Core. Like the time Cloud fell down the stairs.

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Or Zack. Just Zack in general.

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Square Enix describes Crisis Core Reunion as a "full remaster" of the original PSP game, and it looks unlikely that we'll see anything like the FF7 Remake's more fundamental changes to the lore and structure of the game. Though Zack's redesigned Buster Sword is already raising eyebrows.

Just, whatever else changes… please keep the shampoo lore. It must be preserved for a new generation.

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