Final Fantasy 7 Remake Xbox One launch rumors squashed by Square Enix

(Image credit: Square Enix)

The Final Fantasy 7 Remake has been confirmed as a PS4 exclusive after a social media slip-up suggested it was also coming to Xbox One. The Xbox Germany Facebook account briefly posted a video that said the remake would hit Xbox One on March 3, 2020, the same as its announced release date on PS4, and questions remained about whether the Xbox account had slipped on a planned announcement or if it had mistakenly made up the whole thing. A statement given to IGN by Square Enix indicates it's the latter.

"As previously announced, Final Fantasy 7 Remake will be released for the PlayStation 4 on March 3, 2020," the Square Enix representative said. "We have no plans for other platforms." 

The FF7 Remake has only ever been advertised as a PS4 game from when it was announced in 2015 all the way up to its re-reveal at E3 2019, which made the Xbox Germany video all the more surprising. Square Enix's statement makes it sound like it was simply a mistake from an employee who didn't know any better. And it would be an easy enough mistake to make, since both Final Fantasy 13 and 15 came to Xbox. You can even buy and play Final Fantasy 7 (a lightly updated version of the original) on Xbox One right now.

Though Square's "we have no plans for other platforms" statement sounds pretty final, you could interpret it as referring specifically to the March 3 release date; the Final Fantasy 7 Remake may end up being a timed exclusive on PS4 rather than a permanent exclusive. That being said, the remake's new episodic release structure could make timed exclusivity a bigger consideration for players than usual if it would apply to future episodes as well.

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