Final Fantasy 7 Remake's new TGS trailer shows how it's building on the original

You want Turks? The new trailer for the Final Fantasy 7 Remake from Tokyo Game Show 2019 has got Turks. It's also got skydiving, Aerith and Tifa peer pressuring Cloud, Don Corneo, and not one but two different summons. It's nearly 3 minutes long but it makes the most of that runtime by jumping from one familiar-yet-different cutscene to the next, with a few teases of the Final Fantasy 15-esque action combat system.

The trailer gives us our first look at the new and improved Reno and Rude, two members of Shinra's black-ops Turks unit who give Cloud and friends a hard time. They don't get to summon Ifrit and Shiva, though, so they are at a distinct disadvantage compared to your team, but they do get to wear those cool suits.

The Final Fantasy 7 Remake that's coming out in March 2020 is just the first episode in a series, and we already know the events of this chapter will be limited to what transpired in Midgar in the original. Though your time in Midgar wasn't brief (is anything in JRPGs ever brief) in the original, it was still arguably just the "starting zone". This new trailer teases out some of the ways Square Enix is taking that source material and builds it up into an entire new game of its own, all while showing the proper respect for what came before. Like the squats minigame.

See another way Square Enix is paying homage to the original with this official remake of one of gaming's most iconic pieces of artwork. 

Connor Sheridan

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