Final Fantasy 7 Remake final trailer is stylish, surprising, and spoilerific

The Final Fantasy 7 Remake final trailer has a lot to show you about the game - maybe too much?

The four-minute trailer spans what appears to be most of the game. While it's true that many of the remake's story beats are now old enough to vote, the trailer quickly proves that it adds plenty of new wrinkles to old scenes and new angles of its own. In other words, even if you're a seasoned fan of the original Final Fantasy 7, this final trailer for its remake still manages to be spoiler-ville. If that's the sort of thing that bothers you, maybe just wait to play the full game in a week (assuming you can't already find a physical copy).

The trailer shows Cloud and Aerith sharing a quiet moment at the playground, a new and improved fight against Rufus Shinra, and Sephiroth stabbing poor Barret. Fans are already speculating about whether the changes to this first part of the remake indicate even bigger digressions further down the line, including a potential change to that death which shocked fans at the time. It's way too early to know any of it for sure, but for now it looks like the Remake chapter will end roughly the same way Final Fantasy 7's first act did: with what's left of the Avalanche gang getting the heck out of town.

But nevermind all that. The biggest confirmation in the trailer is that the best monster in all of Final Fantasy history will return with a fully remade form: Hell House is back, folks. The giant transformer that pretends to be a house then extends robotic arms and legs to kick your ass will appear once again, this time in some kind of elaborate battle arena. I guess it makes a little more sense to fight a killer robot house in an arena than on a park boulevard?

While it's just the first part of a larger story, Square Enix has confirmed the Final Fantasy 7 Remake will have some end-game content of its own.

Connor Sheridan

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