Final Fantasy 7 Remake fans are trying to guess what Part 3 could be called

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Final Fantasy 7 Remake fans are theorizing about what Part 3 of the trilogy could be called, with some suggestions more serious than others but all of them beginning with R. 

Fans of Square Enix’s famous series have received a slew of good news recently, such as a release window for Final Fantasy 7 Remake Part 2 (aka Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth), the announcement of a Final Fantasy 7: Crisis Core remake, and finally the news that Final Fantasy 7 Remake Part 3 is officially in the works. 

Considering the fact that Final Fantasy 7 Remake Rebirth isn’t due until "next winter", and Part 3 is only in "active development" right now, we probably won’t be seeing much news on Part 3 at least for a little while. That hasn’t stopped fans from taking bets on what the next game in the now Final Fantasy 7 Remake trilogy will be called though, with many people predicting that it’ll probably also start with an R, just like the other two games in the series. 

In the comments section of a post in the Final Fantasy subreddit, there’s been a lot of chatter surrounding what Part 3 will be called. "Taking bets for the R-title for the third part now" the conversation starts, with a number of suggestions following shortly after. "Realm Reborn," one Final Fantasy 14 fan guesses. "Revengeance," "Return of the Soldier," and "Resurrection" are all current contenders. 

Alongside all of these plausible suggestions though, it looked as though mystery-loving hound Scooby-Doo has jumped into the subreddit with more Final Fantasy 14-themed suggestions like "Rendwalker", "Reavensward", "Readowbringers", and "Rormblood" all got a mention. Honestly, with Tetsuya Nomura at the helm of the Final Fantasy 7 Remake, there’s no telling how weird Part 3’s name could turn out to be. 

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