Final Fantasy 7 Remake fancy edition comes with Big Cloud and a super saiyan Chocobo

The Final Fantasy 7 Remake (opens in new tab) is going to be an enormous game. Irresponsibly enormous, honestly. Square Enix says the first episode, which is just going to cover the Midgar region (opens in new tab), will deliver a full game's worth of content, and that's barely scratching the surface of the original three-disc game. I guess if you're making an irresponsibly enormous game, you may as well make a lavish collector's edition, and Square Enix most certainly has. The Final Fantasy 7 Remake 1st Class Edition (opens in new tab) goes for an eye-watering $330 ($250 more than the Deluxe Edition), and most of that money is going into its big-ol' Cloud figure. 

This is 400 grams of Cloud, people. Do you know how many pounds that is? Because I didn't and had to Google it. It turns out that's almost a pound of Cloud, and coupled with his 1,500 gram motorcycle, that comes to about four pounds of posable protagonist. I don't know the conversion rate for dollars to protagonist, though, so you'll have to decide for yourself whether that's a good deal. For what it's worth, this edition also comes with a nice SteelBook case, the game on two discs, a hardback artbook, and the soundtrack. More importantly, it also comes with this: 

Apparently, these are summoning materia which you can only get by pre-ordering. Great, love to summon. Carbuncle? Adorable. Cactuar? A classic. But what is going on with that Chocobo? Now, I've seen some Chocobos in my day. I've seen Chocobos in fields, dungeons, and races. But I've never seen a punk rock super saiyan Chocobo, let alone a punk rock super saiyan Chocobo Chick. This thing is going to have so much attitude when it grows up. It's already putting Cloud's hair to shame. I can't wait to see its in-game model. Square Enix, please let it have a ridiculous crest of feathers just like this. 

We got a closer look at the Final Fantasy 7 remake combat system (opens in new tab) during a recent E3 2019 (opens in new tab) demo. 

Austin Wood

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