Final Fantasy 7 Remake director Nomura requests you join the team: 'we must make a title that can last decades'

(Image credit: Square-Enix)

The Final Fantasy 7 Remake is moving further into development, and Square Enix plans to beef up the dev team accordingly. That's why the company has posted some passionately-worded recruitment messages from game director Tetsuya Nomura and other key staff over on its official website.

"I believe that many of us developers share the same feeling that Final Fantasy 7 is a special title," writes Nomura (translation via Siliconera). "Twenty years have gone by and the number of generations that aren’t familiar with Final Fantasy 7 is increasing, so we must remake the game using today’s technology and systems in order to make it into a title that can last several more decades."

Development leader Naoki Hamaguchi was likewise sincere and a bit, well, sweet. "The emotions I felt from playing Final Fantasy 7 twenty years ago, that’s what I want to revive, as new emotions for the present generation. I’m very much looking forward to receiving applications from those of you who feel the same way."

Really, the big news here is that development on the FF7 Remake is continuing along at a good pace, with more staff being recruited to work on it - which hopefully means more info and an earlier-rather-than-later release date for us. Still, it's nice to see the people in charge espouse their love for the project instead of just a list of job openings on a web portal.

You've watched the Final Fantasy 7 Remake gameplay trailer, right? Just checking. Also, hear us out, maybe it should be episodic.

Sam Prell

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