A free Final Fantasy 15 update helps fill your holiday photos with handsome boys

Why torture the family with an extended photography session when you could all gather around the TV screen to pick out your favorite, festive shots of Final Fantasy 15's winsome heroes instead? Square Enix has revealed the plans for its free and paid holiday DLC, and they include some seasonally appropriate photo frames for Prompto's snapshots, you see. Also a mariachi outfit for Noctis. No, I'm not kidding.

The photo frames will be unlocked on December 22. The same free update (or another one around then, Square Enix's wording wasn't clear) will add a New Game+ mode to Final Fantasy 15, allowing you to start the story over after finishing while keeping much of your progress intact. Not sure if that will come with a higher difficulty mode to challenge your powered-up heroes, or if you'll just get to enjoy steamrolling everybody.

Then there are the Holiday Packs themselves with a jolly bit of Christmas confusion: all players are entitled to download the free version, while the "Holiday Pack +" will give extra goodies to those who pay extra or own the season pass. Despite the name similarities they are both distinct DLC packs and must be downloaded separately.

The free Holiday Pack will add a device that you can use to halt all XP accrual and a ticket to the Moogle Chocobo Carnival (which will be added to the game in late January), among a few other goodies. The paid version will have a bunch of useful stuff like a badge that prevents Noctis from losing stamina while sprinting and hanging, as well as the previously mentioned Festive Ensemble with sombrero. And, most importantly, the Holiday Pack + gives you even more exclusive photo frames, but they won't be available until late January.

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