Final Fantasy 7 Remake community got baited by a toddler

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth
(Image credit: Square Enix)

Final Fantasy 7 Remake's community just got baited in the worst way - by a toddler. 

Earlier this week, the tweet just below gained huge traction online, as one user noticed a red ring seemingly orbiting the Buster Sword on Final Fantasy 7 Remake's opening start screen. Users began speculating that this was a prelude to Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, announced just last week, which prominently featured red text among its key art.

However, it wasn't to be. The same Twitter user who made the initial supposed discovery then updated his Twitter account later that same day - it turns out his toddler had lobbed a toy at the TV screen, causing it to give off the unusual red circle emanating around Cloud's Buster Sword, instead of the actual game doing it deliberately. 

Yep, it really did send the Final Fantasy 7 community into a complete meltdown. We've got to tip our hat to the toddler for the effort on their part, and hey, their parent isn't even mad about the TV, as they update in a separate tweet, because they just can't stop laughing about the whole thing.

Well, near-meltdown aside, we'll probably be waiting a little longer for any actual teases of Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth just yet. We've already seen the debut trailer starring Zack, Cloud, Sephiroth, and a whole lot of tantalizing lines last week, and while we'll be waiting until Winter 2023 to actually play the sequel, we've always got Final Fantasy 7: Crisis Core remaster to look forward to later this year. 

Oh, and Final Fantasy 7 Remake Part 3 is already in development at Square Enix

Hirun Cryer

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