Final Fantasy 5 & 6 will no longer be available on Steam once the pixel remakes arrive

Final Fantasy: Pixel Remaster
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Final Fantasy 5 & 6 will no longer be available on Steam once their pixel remasters arrive.

According to both game’s Steam pages (as spotted by TheGamer): “This game will no longer be available for purchase after July 27, 2021. Instead, please purchase the pixelated remaster version of "FINAL FANTASY V/VI," coming soon.” The games are also now listed as ‘FINAL FANTASY V/VI (Old ver.)’ 

Square Enix previously announced that they are remastering all six of the original Final Fantasy titles for PC and mobile. The developers did release a Japanese trailer for the pixel remakes recently that gave us our first look at the upcoming new titles, however, this trailer has now been delisted for an unknown reason. 

Twitter user @Wario64 did manage to grab some screenshots from the video before it disappeared though and as we can see, Final Fantasy 1 - 6 look as if they’ve been updated to share the same pixelated art style which made people fall in love with those early entries. 

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These screenshots also seem to have given us a release date for the PC/mobile remasters for sometime next month. However, as pointed out by Wario64, these titles will be releasing one by one so don’t expect to be able to play them all right away.

Unfortunately, Square Enix wasn’t too savvy when it came to announcing these remasters as they began updating certain Final Fantasy mobile games - Final Fantasy 3 and 4 to be exact - on mobile a few days before their E3 announcement. This resulted in both games being renamed to ‘Final Fantasy III (3D Remake)’ and ‘Final Fantasy IV (3D Remake)’ which caused fans to speculate that something new could be on the horizon. 

So, If you still want to play the current versions of Final Fantasy 5 and 6 on PC - you better download them from Steam before July 27, 2021. While Square Enix hasn't officially announced a release date for Final Fantasy 5 and 6 pixel remasters, we'd imagine that they would be out soon after the current PC version has been delisted. 

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