Final Fantasy 16's Yoshi-P sparks hope for another SRPG Tactics spin-off in the series: "It's probably about time that we do a new one"

Final Fantasy 16 protagonist Clive conjures up a magic fireball
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One Final Fantasy producer has sparked hope for another strategy spin-off in the popular series.

Producer Naoki 'Yoshi-P' Yoshida jumped from stewarding mammoth MMO Final Fantasy 14 to working on the series' epic action pivot in Final Fantasy 16, and now, he's expressed interest in another Final Fantasy Tactics game or at least a spin-off with similar strategy-soaked roots. 

"The series does lend itself well to that kind of storytelling and we love Tactics as well," the producer told TheGamer when asked about a potential new Tactics game. "It's probably about time that we do a new one."

Despite originally being released in 1997, Final Fantasy Tactics has left a lasting legacy and still sits deep in the fan bases' collective memories for its more accessible spin on strategy battles. Tactics fostered various follow-ups, including strategy spin-offs on the GameBoy Advance and Nintendo DS, but has yet to receive a proper sequel. 

"We have a lot of our staff who worked on previous games like Final Fantasy Tactics or Final Fantasy 12, so you're going to have a lot of that feel because a lot of the same people are on the [Final Fantasy 16] team," Yoshi-P continues. "But if we were going to make this, we wouldn't do the same story that turns out to be a different story."

Yoshi-P does rule out the possibility of it being set in the Final Fantasy 16 universe, though. "How would we even do the Eikon versus Eikon battles in that style?" Yoshi-P ponders. "How many squares is an Eikon going to be? You have more people out there as well, so what about the wait time in between?"

Final Fantasy Tactics director recently told fans begging for a sequel to check out Unicorn Overlord, another very, very good strategy RPG. 

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