Final Fantasy 16's localization has some really dirty jokes

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Final Fantasy 16 gets away with some pretty dirty jokes in its localization. 

Now that Final Fantasy 16 has been out for right around a week (and sold three million copies to boot), players have delved pretty far into the game. As a result, they've come across some pretty filthy material, and the prime suspect seems to be Square Enix's localization department.

Just below, for example, we've got mention of Torgal burying his note into a man's nuts. There's really no fanciful explanation for this one, but it's really hard to imagine the actors in this scene getting through it the first time around with a completely straight face.

This line absolutely SENT me from r/FFXVI

And then we head to the land of side quests, where someone in the localization department is once again up to no good. There's a side quest, and I can't believe I'm writing this, called 'Caulk and Bawl,' and depending on where you're from, you probably pronounce this as "cock and ball." Go on, say it out loud for a treat.

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It's at this point that we feel it's important to note that Final Fantasy 16's localization director is Michael Christopher Koji Fox, a man who has had no short of jokes like this throughout his time on Final Fantasy 14. There's all sorts of absolute filth buried in the hundreds, nay thousands, of hours of text in Square Enix's MMO, and it looks like the localization director is up to his same old tricks. 

We sincerely hope there's dirt buried elsewhere in Final Fantasy 16 that players are yet to dig up and widely discover. 

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