Final Fantasy 16 reveals its Moogles, and FF14 fans are thrilled

Final Fantasy 16
(Image credit: Square Enix)

Square Enix has revealed Final Fantasy 16's Moogles, and FF14 fans have been delighted to find that the fuzzy creatures seem to be coming straight out of the critically-acclaimed MMORPG.

The official Japanese FF16 Twitter account shared a brief clip of the new Moogle floating around in front of a torchlit scene, contrasting its cute widdle fuzzy face with the grimy medieval fantasy aesthetic we've gotten used to for Final Fantasy 16. The goofy sound effects are in place, too.

Moogles have been a Final Fantasy series mainstay, though they haven't appeared in every game and their appearance is never entirely consistent. There's actually a fair amount of debate over on the Final Fantasy Reddit over whether these are pulled from FF9. But while the design isn't entirely foreign from the Moogles of FF9, any FF14 player can tell you exactly where these Moogles originated.

FF16 producer Naoki Yoshida is also director and producer on FF14, and fans have been quick to take note of the aesthetic similarities of the two games, what with their personal stories of medieval politics escalated by world-ending threats embodied by Final Fantasy's classic summons. Some are going so far as to call FF16 the single-player version of FF14, and while that's definitely not entirely true, it seems we're in for some very similar vibes.

"FFXIV Moogles = perfection," as EzyStevey notes on Reddit. "Man this game will be the rebirth of the series, FFXIV was the true rebirth but it was locked behind an MMO like structure and had slow moments due to its long arching (albeit PHENOMENAL) stories."

"Actually the same design from FFXIV," DenzelVilliers says, "now gimme Good King Moggle Mog XII as a secret boss battle!" If you haven't played the MMO, well… prepare for a certain amount of horror if that wish actually comes true.

There is one thing that fans want more than FF14 Moogles, though - Ivalice Moogles. Their appearance in FF12 and Tactics is much more humanoid, and more like a believable race of creatures than the tiny teddy bears that they appear as throughout the rest of the series.

The most important fuzzy friend news, however, is the fact that you can fight alongside your dog in FF16.

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