Final Fantasy 16 receives another rating as likely release date reveal looms

Clive looks to the horizon in Final Fantasy 16
(Image credit: Square Enix)

Final Fantasy 16 has received another rating amidst reports that a release date announcement could be imminent.

Gematsu reports that Final Fantasy 16 has been rated in Brazil, the action-RPG's second rating this month, as a Square Enix newsletter announced earlier in November that Final Fantasy 16 would receive a provisional rating of 18+. The new rating in Brazil recommends the new game receive a 16+ rating, lower than the European rating.

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The news follows several new interviews with game producer Naoki Yoshida and director Hiroshi Takai. In one, Takai stated that not only was Final Fantasy 16 roughly 95% complete, but a demo was also in the works. Yoshida added that we'd hopefully hear of a release date announcement before the year was out.

If anyone's keeping track of upcoming video game events, The Game Awards is taking place next week on Thursday, December 8, in Los Angeles. This is technically the final major video game event of 2022 and seems like a prime candidate for an unveiling of Final Fantasy 16's release date.

Earlier in November, Insider Gaming claimed that pre-orders for Final Fantasy 16 would open next month in December, on either December 7 or 8. If this claim is accurate, pre-orders could open alongside a release date announcement at The Game Awards. Given Yoshida's past comments, there's certainly reason to believe an announcement could be around the corner.

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