Final Fantasy 16 producer is working on the game "with utmost care"

Final Fantasy 16
(Image credit: Square Enix)

Acclaimed Final Fantasy producer Naoki Yoshida says that his work on Final Fantasy 14 hasn't suffered as a result of his involvement in Final Fantasy 16.

In an interview with Famitsu (as translated by Twitter user aitaikimochi), Yoshida said that "I sometimes see on social media comments like 'Yoshida is working on Final Fantasy 16, so he's too busy and is hands off with Final Fantasy 14. This is absolutely not true. I am desperately working on it, so I hope you'll stick with me from here on out."

Yoshida's work on Final Fantasy 14 seems to be far from over. While Final Fantasy 16 - is in the works, the recent Shadowbringers expansion for Square Enix's MMO title "is not the end of Final Fantasy 14," and Yoshida says that he hopes fans "look forward to what's in store in the future," and that both games will be completed "with the utmost care."

Final Fantasy 16 was revealed in a PS5 showcase in September last year, but there's currently no word on a release date. Square Enix is said to have been working on the title for several years however, and the team said in October 2020 that it had "completed basic development" on the game. Square Enix has deliberately kept Final Fantasy 16 information scarce since the reveal, but with a PlayStation Showcase due to take place later this week, there's a chance we'll get to see more from Clive Rosfield and company pretty soon.

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