How to get Electrum in Final Fantasy 16

Final Fantasy 16 electrum
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Electrum is one of the rarest crafting materials in Final Fantasy 16, dropped only by a single enemy and used solely as part of the crafting recipe for the Drakeslayer's Belt equipment. Electrum is therefore incredibly hard to find, and with no indication of where to look in FF16 to find it, it's easy to find yourself a little lost. Don't worry though - we know where to find Electrum's location, and what monster you need to slay to get your own.

Electrum location in Final Fantasy 16

Final Fantasy 16 hunt board target location

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The only place to get Electrum in FF16 is as a reward for killing the Hunt Board target Severian. If you need help finding this behemoth, check our guide to finding all the hunt board locations in Final Fantasy 16, but there's a few things we'll cover below for ease's sake.

  • Severian's hunt board bounty unlocks after completing the main quest "Fire and Ice". 
  • The target is found in Rosaria, just West-North-West of Martha's Rest in North Sorrowise (see above).
  • Severian is a Level 31 fallen construct who primarily deals in melee swings, lunges and the occasional hail of low-damage projectiles. Speed is your ally here, as the Severian is relatively slow and can't dodge much.
  • Once killed, you'll automatically get the single Electrum as a reward.

Final Fantasy 16 electrum

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There's no other Electrum in the game, but that's fine - there's nothing you can use it for besides crafting the Drakeslayer's Belt, for which you'll also need some Final Fantasy 16 Scarletite. Check out our guide if you need help finding that!

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