Final Fantasy 15 is playable from start to finish, onward to polish phase

While we're still a ways off from a completed release, Square Enix developers are reporting that Final Fantasy 15 is now in a playable state, start to finish. Considering the game was in development under a different concept and title back in 2006, I'd say knowing that the finish line is at least in sight is a big deal for this project.

A post on the FFXV forums by developer Kitade Satoshi states that, now that the game has exited pre-beta development, every member of the team can focus on finalizing and polishing their respective systems. Satoshi also writes that the first half of the game is up to final product quality, meaning the team has a benchmark that they can aim for as they continue their work.

Some fans were growing restless regarding Final Fantasy 15 and feared that its creators had succumbed to bloat, adding too many features to ever actually finish the game. For example, while most of the community seemed happy at the inclusion of moogles (or at least a moogle), many were hesitant to support the idea if it meant another delay.

With this latest development, we can all rest a little easier. The pieces are falling into place and Final Fantasy 15 is not the far-away dream it once was.

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Sam Prell

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