Final Fantasy 14's silliest questline will only get "worse", Yoshi-P warns

Final Fantasy 14
(Image credit: Square Enix)

Final Fantasy 14's dumbest questline is only going to get "worse" going forward.

That questline would be the Hildibrand Manderville-related series, infamous among Final Fantasy 14 for being absolutely wild. Speaking to Dengeki Online earlier this week in a new interview (and translated by the Final Fantasy 14 Discord), game director Naoki Yoshida was quizzed about the continuation of the ongoing Manderville questline.

Yoshida firstly confirmed that the Somehow Further Hildibrand Adventures questline will continue throughout the patch 6x series, and won't end with the forthcoming patch 6.3. The director then teased that the quest series is only going to get "worse," pointing towards further antics and shenanigans with Hildibrand and the rest of the Manderville troupe.

The news of further Hildibrand adventures will be music to the ears of some, and a pain for others. Hildibrand's quests have always been light-hearted, comedic affairs, but Final Fantasy 14 recently locked powerful Relic weapons behind Manderville-related quests, which some players weren't best pleased with.

Even if the Hildibrand adventures are continuing, and only set to get sillier, there's no guarantee any further Relic weapons or elite gear will be locked behind said quests. Perhaps we can just kick back and watch Hildibrand and Godbert Manderville get into all sorts of scrapes instead.

Final Fantasy 14's next live showcase airs tomorrow on December 23, and promises further details on the new patch 6.3. We could even catch a glimpse of the continuation of the Hildibrand quests during this presentation from Naoki Yoshida and Square Enix

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