Final Fantasy 14 shows off hotly anticipated Island Sanctuary in new screenshots

Final Fantasy 14
(Image credit: Square Enix)

Final Fantasy 14 has shown more of its hotly anticipated Island Sanctuary feature in new screenshots.

Just earlier today on August 4, the official Final Fantasy 14 Twitter account published two tweets, seen just below, showing off the forthcoming feature. We can get a glimpse of the coastal area of the Island Sanctuary, which isn't really a surprising feature given its name, as well as a rocky outcrop in the middle of a charming lake area.

"Find sanctuary in an island paradise abundant with wildlife, where crops may be sown and minions let to roam," the official Final Fantasy 14 website reads in a newly-published section on the Island Sanctuary. "What will you learn in nature's embrace - and what will you create from this newfound inspiration? Make ready to set sail, for your hideaway awaits!"

Final Fantasy 14 fans have been looking forward to the Island Sanctuary since it was first announced last year. With hundreds, and potentially thousands, of hours accrued in the MMO, who wouldn't want to escape to an island paradise entirely of their own to let their collected minions roam free?

It sure sounds like the MMO is doing an Animal Crossing impression, and we're here for it. In a previous broadcast, producer Naoki Yoshida revealed that we'll be building up a base of operations on the island, customizing its look with resources we've collected from around the island itself. 

The Island Sanctuary will finally debut in Final Fantasy 14 patch 6.2 when it launches later this month for players around the world. In fact, we're just over a week away from seeing more of the feature, with a new Letter From the Producer Live broadcast  from Yoshida and company due on Friday, August 12.

Meanwhile, Megashiba continues to be a sensationally popular mount among Final Fantasy 14 players. 

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