Final Fantasy 14 patch 6.2 is called Buried Memory, launches late August

Final Fantasy 14
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The Final Fantasy 14 patch 6.2 release date has narrowed down to late August 2022.

Just earlier today on July 1, the Final Fantasy 14 dev team held another Live Letter From the Producer session, where director Naoki Yoshida revealed the release window for patch 6.2. While firstly revealing that the forthcoming 6.2 patch for Final Fantasy 14 would be titled "Buried Memory," Yoshida and company also announced a release window of late August 2022 for the new update. 

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As ever, there'll be brand new Main Scenario Quests to undertake with patch 6.2 for Final Fantasy 14. Buried Memory also looks like it'll introduce a brand new character, who we briefly saw teased in the Live Letter From the Producer broadcast (and you can see in the second image just above), but we don't know anything about them right now. 

Yoshida also confirms that the next stage of Pandæmonium raids are called Abyssos, and will release alongside patch 6.2. The Savage difficulty will launch one week after the update goes live, though Yoshida is keen to stress that it's a pilot run. If fans aren't into it, they'll try something else next time.

Elsewhere in the new broadcast, Yoshida and company delved into what we could expect from other updates in the 6.2 series. Specifically, the Trust system was a massive focus, as Yoshida revealed that all A Realm Reborn Dungeons 2.X Dungeons would receive the Trust feature in future 6.2 series patches, as would two to three Dungeons in the Heavensward expansion.

Additionally, there'll be a brand new Dungeon saga kicking off in the 6.2 patch series for Final Fantasy 14. The debut Dungeon in this brand new series is called Criterion, and elsewhere in the broadcast, Yoshida revealed the Dungeon series itself would be continued in both the 6.4 and 6.5 patch series for Final Fantasy 14, whenever those patch series' eventually begin.

We also got a peep at what Final Fantasy 14's Island Sanctuary mode will actually be about, though you'll have to wait until the next Live Letter stream for a look at gameplay.

Meanwhile, Final Fantasy 14 players are dressing up Ameliance in all sorts of weird and wonderful outfits. 

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