Final Destination 3 and Just My Luck

The first Final Destination flick saw a fella drag his pals off of a plane after a premonition it was going to crash and yes, it became a fireball. The second had a lady saving her buddies from a freakish freeway pile-up. The third begins with a gang of high school kids getting on a rollercoaster… Can you guess where this is going?

The trailer looks pretty cool to us, especially the sunbed moment… hmm… toasty!

If you simply cannot wait until 10 February to see the action on the big screen - click here to visit the official site and click WATCH THE TRAILER.

What's this? Lindsay Lohan playing an adult in a rom-com? Oh yes indeed…

Lohan plays a Manhattan girl-about-town who is known for having the best luck in the world - that is until one night at a masquerade ball when she kisses the most unlucky man alive Chris Pine (Princess Diaries 2) and their fortunes swap.

Helmer Donald Petrie handled lens duties on McConaughey/Hudson charmer How To Lose A Guy In Ten Days and is working here with a script from Sex And The City producer Amy Harris and National Lampoon scribbler I Marlene King.

If you like your coms rommed, then click here … Just My Luck is heading to cinemas on 14 April2006.

source:( New Line ) ( Moviefone )