Film stars line-up to appear in The Simpsons

With The Simpsons Movie hitting screens today, we couldn't think of a better time to preview some of the film-related stars who are clearing their throats for an appearance in the next season of Matt Groening's little-seen underground animation.

Topher Grace, Matt Dillon and Beverly D'Angelo have all been announced - but what's getting us most excited is the Jack Black episode, in which the tubby tantrum-expert opens a comic-book store in Springfield. The episode will see appearances from comic-book creative Gods Dan Clowes (Ghost World) and Alan Moore (The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen).

Steve Buscemi will also pop up as a bank robber at some point - and we'd bet good money that his character is described as 'weasely' somewhere in the script notes.

The episodes will be on US telly in the fall, so Burns only knows when we'll get to see them.