Fight Night Champion video - Full Access Preview

Oh boy%26hellip; get ready for an ULTRA-ENHANCED FAP! We were getting ready to do the business on the new CoDBlops DLC but due to, uh, technical difficulties (ha, we don%26rsquo;t have a copy of the game in the office %26ndash; hey, we just work here!) we opted to try out the new Fight Night Champion demo on Xbox Live. And with all due respect to the game, we%26rsquo;re a bit rusty at Fight Night, the controls have been altered (some say dumbed down,) and we knew full well that should we fail to open up an eyeball, or otherwise take advantage of the game%26rsquo;s blood-N-guts M-Rating, this could be a very boring video indeed. And then a melody popped into our head: %26ldquo;Dumm. Dum-Da-Da-Da-Dummm%26hellip;%26rdquo;

Thinking quickly, I grabbed the TalkRadarsound effects machine, hooked it up to a mic, and piped in the timeless jingle-jangles and sound effects from none other than Mike Tyson%26rsquo;s Punch-Out!! The result? An infinitely more watchable fight! Instead of a hyper-realistic bout between Mike Tyson and Muhammad Ali featuring the sloppiest of blows, clumsy haymakers, and something completely disrespectful to the legaciesinvolved, we actually managed to create something far closer to the heavyweight dream match-up we entertained in our minds circa 1985. The only drawback is that we were so concerned with cueing Glass Joe%26rsquo;s Theme and certain, ahem,"Training Music," we forgot to put Brett on a working microphone %26ndash; Durp!

Feb 2, 2011

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