FIFA 25 will be the "best egame for any boy or girl"

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FIFA is confident that its EA Sports FC rival will be the "best egame."

Yeah, whatever that means. As reported by The Times writer Martyn Ziegler, FIFA head honcho Gianni Infantino apparently said FIFA's new soccer sim would seek to go "head-to-head" with EA Sports FC. FIFA games will apparently always be the "best egame for any boy or girl," according to Infantino.

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Perhaps Infantino is referring to video games as electronic games here, in which case he technically isn't wrong. Then again, this is the man who famously said "today I feel gay" when asked about Qatar's strict anti-LGBTQ+ laws at the FIFA World Cup last year, so word vomit is really par for the course with Infantino at this point.

We'll have to wait and see what Infantino and FIFA can drum up to counter EA Sports FC. After the latter company turned down the FIFA licensing fee, they opted to make their own soccer sim instead, dubbing it EA Sports FC in a name that's probably going to take a while to properly catch on.

Love him or hate him, soccer fans are stuck with Infantino as the FIFA president for the foreseeable future, after the man was re-elected FIFA president for the third time earlier this week. This is a renewed tenure that'll take Infantino to 2027 as FIFA president, so we're really in for the long haul here.

EA Sports is close to finalizing a deal with the Premier League for licensing, which means FIFA already has an uphill battle ahead of it to compete with the new game.

Here's how EA Sports FC might liberate sim soccer games from EA's vice-like grip on the market.

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