FIFA 20 The Final Four SBC: The cheapest solution to complete this Squad Building Challenge

The FIFA 20 The Final Four SBC is the first one in the Hybrid Nations category and while it's most likely the easiest one to complete in the set, it doesn't mean it's not easy to overspend. You ned exactly four different nationalities of FIFA 20 players but no more than four from the same country, at least four rare players, and a minimum rating of 70 with 80 chemistry. Here's our FIFA 20 The Final Four SBC solution.

FIFA 20 The Final Four SBC solution

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This is one of the cheapest SBCs to complete and to be honest, there's probably an even cheaper way to complete it if you can find a solution where each player costs just 200 coins each. This was the cheapest I could find at the time of writing however, but with each player costing no more than 400 coins, I can't complain too much. If some of these rarer bronze and silver players have increased in price when you're tackling the SBC, try looking for cheap golds instead because there'll be so many more of them on the market.

Here's our cheapest solution to the FIFA 20 The Final Four SBC:

GK: A. Davies [ENG 2/Wales] - 400 coins

CB: M. Miazga [ENG 2/USA] - 400 coins

CB: C. Carter-Vickers [ENG 2/USA] - 250 coins

CB: P. Dummett [ENG 1/Wales] - 400 coins

RM: C. Harold [AUS 1/Australia] - 300 coins

CM: K. Baccus [AUS 1/Australia] - 300 coins

CM: P. Joo Hoo [KOR 1/Korea Republic] - 400 coins

LM: H. Il Soo [KOR 1/Korea Republic] - 450 coins

CAM: T. Antonis [KOR 1/Australia] - 200 coins

ST: L. Kwang Sun [KOR 1/Korea Republic] - 400 coins

ST: L. Sang Heon [KOR 1/Korea Republic] - 200 coins

Total: 3,700 coins

Note: The FIFA 20 transfer market fluctuates wildly and while this was the cheapest solution I could find at the time of writing, the prices may have increased since. For other possible solutions, visit Futbin.

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