FIFA 19 TOTS (Team Of The Season) guide: the best cards you can buy for under 100,000 coins

It’s not only on Titan that the endgame is upon us: FIFA 19 TOTS time signals that we’ve also reached the virtual football season’s irreversible climax. For the unaware, FIFA 19 TOTS stands for Team Of The Season – the players who’ve performed best over the last nine months in leagues big and small, across the globe. 

FIFA 19 TOTS squads for the Premier League, Bundesliga and EFL are among those to have been unleashed in game, and I’ve cherry picked the best players you can buy on a budget. Some, like Pompey’s Matt Clarke, are investment opportunities for June and July. Others, such as Steven Bergwijn and Tammy Abraham, are simply great fun to enjoy as FIFA 20 approaches. Let’s kick all things FIFA 20 TOTS off with a little trip to East Germany…

Kevin Kampl (CM, RB Leipzig) - 88 overall

Leipzig’s tenacious Slovenian offers appeal as both an investment opportunity and on-pitch workhorse. At under 55K, he’s by far the cheapest TOTS option from the Bundesliga, meaning his price should rise across the next 4-6 weeks. But he’s also a strong choice to build a team around, with 80+ ratings for pace, shooting, passing, dribbling and physicality. Pair him alongside any version of Axel Witsel for an engine room that’s difficult to infiltrate but full of chance-creating abilities. 

Pay no more than: 55,000 coins

Steven Bergwijn (LW, PSV Eindhoven) - 87 overall

Every FIFA player loves a bit of speed in their side – but you’re not getting anywhere near TOTS versions of Eden Hazard or Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang (both rated 99 for pace) for less than 3 million coins. Ouch. Instead consider Bergwijn as a fleet-footed bench option. Rated 96 for pace and 97 overall, he’ll wreck opposition right-backs in the last half hour, and can be nabbed for 30,000 if you’re patient while using FIFA’s open bid system. 

Pay no more than: 34,000 coins

Matt Clarke (CB, Portsmouth) - 84 overall

Even at this late stage of FIFA there’s still strong coinage to be made by thinking ahead to future Squad Building Challenges. High-rated English cards often shoot up to premium prices when these SBCs unlock Premier League players, and so investing in a couple of TOTS versions now and keeping them stashed should pay dividends in June or July. Clarke is the best value: buy for 11,000 and the most you’ll lose if he doesn’t shift over the summer is 752 coins, as his ‘quick sell’ price is 10,248.

Pay no more than: 11,500 coins

Pizzi (RM, Benfica) - 93 overall

Just look at that lofty overall rating: Ninety. Flippin’. Three. Then consider that there are only three other players on the open market with a 93 rating who sell for less than 200K: Sergio Busquets (112K), Filip Kostic (115K) and Marc-Andre ter Stegen (165K). Should Pizzi nudge towards Busquets’ value over the next fortnight you’re looking at a tidy 20,000 profit, and there’s a chance that rises even higher with a surprise SBC or two in June. High risk, sure, but potentially for stratospheric reward. 

Pay no more than: 97,000 coins

Djamel Eddine Benlamri (CB, Al Shabab) - 85 overall

The name might not roll off the tongue as easily as ‘Matt Clarke’, but the Algerian stopper is a similarly low-risk central defensive investment. While the market is currently saturated with TOTS cards, demand should rise across June and July - meaning a couple of Benlamri cards bought for 12,000 coins now should next you 15-16K later in the summer. Er, assuming you haven’t already switched your attentions to FIFA 20 by then.

Pay no more than: 13,000 coins

Max Aarons (RB, Norwich) - 84 overall

Another smart English investment for upcoming SBCs that require TOTS players. What’s that? You need even more? Fine… Also consider Reece James (RB, Wigan, 84), Dean Henderson (GK, Sheffield United, 84), and Jamal Lowe (RM, Portsmouth, 83) if you can find them on the market for under 11,500. Pop them straight back on the transfer list at a buy it now price of 15,000 and you should see each player sell for profit within a week or two. 

Pay no more than: 11,000 coins

Tammy Abraham (ST, Aston Villa) - 87 overall

Yes, another English TOTS card. But before it feels like I’m labouring a point, be assured that Abraham isn’t included on this list from an investment perspective. Nope, he’s here simply because this card feels spectacular in-game, with 6’5” height, 85 physicality and 87 pace meshing together to create an elite forward option for under 30,000 coins. Incredible. Pair him with MLS SBC reward Wayne Rooney or any version of Jamie Vardy to cause headaches in Division Rivals or the Weekend League. 

Pay no more than: 30,000 coins

James Maddison (CAM, Leicester City) - 88 overall

With the Premier League proving FIFA 19’s most popular in terms of team-building, all TOTS cards from the English top-flight are absurdly overpriced. That’s supply and demand for you. The exception is Maddison. Play a 4-3-1-2 and he’s an excellent CAM option with 96 agility, 93 vision, and 98 shot power. Or use him for investment purposes by picking up his card for 67,000 coins and immediately relisting north of 80K. It still won’t put you in Hazard range, but if you’ve been following our FIFA 19 Ultimate Team coins guide this season you should at least be close.

Pay no more than: 68,000 coins

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