FIFA 16's Ultimate Team Chemistry glitch has finally been patched

The sneaky FIFA 16 glitch that was sniffed out by the player community has received a proper fix from EA. Now all around the world, FIFA 16 Ultimate Team players are feeling the spark of Chemistry like they never have before.

If you hadn't heard of the problem before now, all FIFA Ultimate Team players are meant to be affected by a Chemistry stat that is governed by a variety of factors (who you play them with, how many games you've played them in, etc.) But certain Ultimate Team player cards weren't being affected by Chemistry, leaving their skill ceiling invisibly lower than other players'. Meanwhile, certain players weren't being properly exhausted by diminishing Fitness, which decreases performance the more they play.

According to EA, the update "addresses inconsistencies in chemistry and fitness on some FUT items". It's available now on PS4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, and PC, and will roll out on Xbox 360 in the near future. According to the player research, the Chemistry glitch stretched back to previous FIFA games as well, but there's no word on whether they'll get a patch too.

While many players are celebrating the fixes, others are a bit conflicted, like Reddit user cOcOboii: "I am happy that the chem glitch got patched but at the same time i am sad that the fitness glitch has been patched! Really loved playing with non day 1 cards and i didnt have to worry about fitness at i have to make a new fitness squad or play offline matches :("

User Marsto agreed: "It felt a lot more relaxing not being pestered to buy fitness cards every couple of matches to be honest. Shame there wasn't a contracts glitch!"

EA says it will talk more about these mechanics at the heart of Ultimate Team mode as it gets closer to releasing FIFA 17 on September 27 in the US and September 29 in the UK. Hopefully it also has some plans to make it up to all the players who worked hard (and/or spent a bunch of money) on underperforming cards.

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