FIFA 13: Addicted to Ultimate Team? Youll definitely want to take a look at the pre-order bonuses EA has got lined up

After addicting the majority of the football and gaming population with FIFA 12, EA Sports is launching its yearly bid for their attention – and wallets – once more with FIFA 13. And to make sure fans will be grabbing the latest version of the monolithic franchise the day it comes out, EA has lined up some world class pre-order bonuses to have folks dashing to the shops faster than Messi himself.

Above: Months, money and tears all went into creating this team

If you pre-order the game from Amazon, you’ll receive 10,000 extra EA Sports Football Club credits, which can be spent on special celebrations, virtual pro boosts and other assorted goodies related to the game. However, if you pre-order with GAME, you’ll get the exclusive Adidas All-Star team, which is home to 23 of the world’s best players and - try to look surprised now - Messi is in it.

The most interesting part of the incentive though is that all pre-orders are also upgraded to the Ultimate Edition of FIFA 13, which gives you access to 24 free gold packs for Ultimate Team, with a pack being dished out once a week for 24 weeks. As someone who has spent silly amounts of money on Ultimate Team gold packs this year alone, I can confirm that is encouragement enough for a pre-order.

This article was written by Ben Tyrer who is with GamesRadar on Work Experience from Bournemouth University