FIFA 09 Online Challenge

Tournament details

What is the FIFA 09 Online Challenge?
It's your chance to play with us and games magazine writers in an all-star (we hope) team in FIFA 09's new 10 vs 10 online multiplayer mode.

Which magazines and people will be taking part?
Official PlayStation Magazine, Official Xbox 360 Magazine, GamesMaster and Jetix. We'll be confirming who from each magazine is in the team later (basically the best player they have).

How do I get on the team?
You sign up for selection by registering your interest at: if your application is successful you'll hear back from us in a mail sent out towards the end of the month.

Anything else?
You'll have to attend a 'selection' tournament (location and date TBA) later this year to make the cut for the final squad.

What console do I need?
Either a PS3 or a Xbox 360 - just let us know what consoles you own.

How will we be choosing player positions?
A big fist fight. Or more likely, through protacted, hurtful arguments involving personal attacks on each other's playing weaknesses. Or we'll nominate a captain and they get to decide.

When will we be playing?
The dates for the first matches are still TBC, let's see if we can get a team together first, eh?

Anything else I should know?
Not really, except there's a possibility we might pick up a few ringers if we can persuade EA... more on that later.

Who will be reporting the sucesses and failures of our team?
We'll be providing match reports and video highlights of our endeavours provided we don't just get annihilated every game - or the entire soundtrack consists of the other team calling us wankers.

Are there any rules?
Of course, but we'll draw them up with the team when we have one.

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Disclaimer: These details are subject to change without notice. Correct as at 12/09/08. We'll do our best.