Fielding joins Paddington film

Late last year we spoke with Mighty Boosh director Paul King, who confirmed that he’s currently scripting a film version of Paddington Bear .

Now it seems that he’s roped in his mate Noel Fielding to play a role in the film. At least, that’s The Sun newspaper says.

According to the tabloid, Fielding will play Paddington’s cousin, a man-beast hybrid.

“Noel loves working with Paul and couldn't pass up the chance to be part of such an iconic project,” a source told the red top. “The film will have animation aspects to it and Noel is a visual artist as well as comic.

"He had a big input into the visuals of Mighty Boosh . So he will add his own touch to the movie's creation.”

It does sound likely, even if the tabloids are renowned for their shaky grasp on hard facts. And Fielding's kooky humour could ensure that Paddington appeals as much to an adult audience as the kiddies.

Here’s what King told us last year:

“I’m writing a script for Paddington Bear . I’ve got a huge love of Paddington. I love animation anyway, but I really love the bear and the character, and miraculously I seem to have convinced some people to let me write a script.

So I’m trying that. All my hero directors are children’s films at the moment so I was very pleased to have gotten it. I can do my Where The Wild Things Are / Fantastic Mr Fox .”

David Heyman of Harry Potter fame is producing the film.

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