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FFVII's Cloud to star in FFXIII?

We, like most Final Fantasy fans, were a little disappointed when Square Enix character designer, Tetsuya Normura, stated that a Final Fantasy VII remakeisn%26rsquo;t due anytime soon. But now,thanks to a new trailer for Final Fantasy XIII, those feelings have been replaced with ones of hope and excitement.

It looks as stunning, as we%26rsquo;ve come to expect, and includes brief shots of some new locations.However,it%26rsquo;s the last 5 seconds that reallycaught our attention. Take a look below.

Now watch it again. The blond hair, the outfit, that bike! Could that really be Cloud? Could we finally get to return to Midgar and reform AVALANCHE in the new FF? With Normura also stating that %26ldquo;We of course know ourselves what the fans want so we'd like to continue thinking up a variety of things%26rdquo; it%26rsquo;s certainly a possibility. But until this mystery biker is officially named, all we can dois keep our fingers crossed.

Final Fantasy XIII will be released for PS3 in 2008.