Fear the Walking Dead stars react to news that the show will end with season 8

Kim Dickens as Madison Clark in Fear the Walking Dead season 8
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AMC has confirmed that Fear the Walking Dead season 8 will be the spin-off's last – and in light of the news, the show's stars have taken to social media to thank fans and to tease the final chapter.

As the network announced the rough release dates of upcoming series The Walking Dead: Dead City, Daryl Dixon, and the untitled Rick and Michonne outing, AMC revealed that the first part of Fear the Walking Dead's concluding installment will premiere on May 14. 

"Here we go, season 8, the final season of [Fear the Walking Dead]. I'm so proud and honored to be a part of this show and to have played the role of Madison Clark," Kim Dickens, who recently returned to the show after a four-year absence gushed on Instagram. "The creators, the showrunners, the cast, the crew from the very beginning through to the very end have been incredible. It has changed our lives to say the least. Thank you to the fans. We are a family forever."

Colman Domingo, who plays morally ambiguous survivor Victor Strand, added: "8 seasons is epic. In many ways this show has changed my life. The fans, the cast, the crew, the producing teams, the show runners. Thank you for joining us on this ride. 

"Victor Strand is such a beast and I have loved creating such a wild character. character. [Dave Erickson] carved out such an incredible world for all of us to play in. [Ian Goldberg] and [Andrew Chambliss] grabbed the torch and continued to build this universe. The next chapter begins for us all. What an incredible ride!" 

"This is big 👊🏼🔥🔥🔥🔥 [Fear the Walking Dead] fans - the love is real. I love you too," Luciana actor Danay Garcia wrote on her page. "The eighth and final season will air in two six-episode parts, the first of which begins Sunday, May 14 at 9pm ET/PT on AMC and AMC+ and return for its final six episodes later this year.

"To our entire cast and crew - thank you so much for making this experience the best one ever. And to our fans - you guys changed my life. Familia por siempre. ❤️
Excited to share what's been cooking. Never forget the magic."

"I made friends for life on this show, we endured a pandemic together and filmed in all kinds of elements together, but not one second did I ever feel alone in this journey," Karen David, who plays Grace, said as part of a heartfelt post. "Our incredibly hardworking and loving crew, our creatives and my castmates… they become your family. My only heartache is knowing that I won't see them on a daily basis, but I'm so thankful that they're in my life now, moving forwards. 4 seasons in, I've grown so much as an actor, but also as a human being because of them. I now carry each and every #FTWD family member in my heart and they are now part of the fibre of who I am. I'm excited for this new chapter, and knowing I have this family with me, a part of me, cheering me on as we all venture out to new pastures, is the best gift of all."

Fear the Walking Dead season 8 is set to kick off seven years after the previous finale, in which Morgan (Lennie James) and Madison's attempt at rescuing the former's daughter Mo (Zoey Merchant) from PADRE went seriously sideways. Now, living under PADRE's cynical rule, the survivors find themselves having to rise above their oppressive situation and reignite their belief in forging a better world.

It is set to roll out in two six-episode parts, the first of which will premiere on AMC in the US on Sunday, May 14. It will be broadcast simultaneously on BT TV in the UK, and be shown again later in the evening on May 15. The final six episodes will then be broadcast later on in 2023. Make sure you catch up on everything Walking Dead, including the spin-offs, with our guide on how to watch The Walking Dead franchise in order.

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