Farrellys find a welcome in The Valet

If you’re one of the people still waiting for the Farrelly brothers to re-create The Three Stooges, keep waiting. And if you’ve been dreading them getting to it, breath a fresh sigh of relief. Because they’ve found something else to remake.

DreamWorks has snapped up the rights to Francis Veber’s farce La Doublure, which has taken more than $17 million since it hit cinemas across France three weeks ago. The plot focuses on a bumbling valet who is snapped in the same picture as a Donald Trump-style millionaire having a clash with his mistress. Cue comedic shenanigans, which the Farrellys plan to produce.

When they’re not helping to get films made by writers’ they’ve worked with (you can thank/ blame them for Say It Isn’t So and, more recently, The Ringer), Peter and Bobby Farrelly have developed quite the taste for remaking movies. First up was last year’s Fever Pitch (renamed The Perfect Catch for us Brits to avoid clashing with the Nick Hornby adaptation it was very loosely based on), and next will be honeymoon-gone-wrong comedy The Heartbreak Kid, taken from a 1972 comedy.

And Veber’s become something of a go-to-guy for US remakes of his films: the likes of The Birdcage, Father’s Day and Three Fugitives have all been adapted from his work.

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