FarCry 2 revealed

Ubisoft has officially confirmed that a sequel to Crytek's Far Cry is indeed on the way.

The French publishing giant launched a teaser site for the shooter sequel this afternoon, which reveals little other than a seemingly Africa-ish setting, rather than the tropical island local of the first game.

Going by the big PC Gamer logo plastered on the site we're assuming the sequel is headed to the PC, and Crytek has nothing to do with the project (it's off working on the gorgeous Crysis).

A leak last year revealed the game's existence, though naughty prowlers didn't get to see anything other than a bit of murky concept art.

We're on the case with Ubisoft to see if we can get any more info, and we'll let you know when they've got something to tell us.

July 19, 2007